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The fight of the night at the Mayweather vs. Gotti match wasn’t in the ring. Police arrested Joseline Hernandez for battery after she allegedly jumped former Joseline’s Cabaret star Big Lex.

Joseline Hernandez x Big Lex

Source: Prince Williams / Getty

The exhibition match ended with an in-ring brawl on Sunday, but that’s not what has everyone talking. Backstage, reality stars Joseline and Big Lex finally clashed after beef stemming from Joseline’s Cabaret: Las Vegas last year.

Some say Joseline won the fight and successfully dog-walked Big Lex, who ended up with her wig and clothes snatched. Others cried foul that the Puerto Rican Princess actually jumped her reality rival with multiple people. Dozens of bystanders caught the chaos on camera to piece together some of the details.

Check out clips of the down and dirty drama between Joseline Hernandez and Big Lex after the flip!

Joseline Hernandez And Big Lex Get Into Stiletto-Swinging, Wig-Pulling Squabble

It’s unclear why things popped off, but it seemed like it was “on sight” between the two baddies. Big Lex was swinging big with platform stiletto heels as she seemed to be surrounded. They may have been equally matched, but many say the fight was far from fair.

Despite the high-heel haymakers, Big Lex fell. That didn’t stop Joseline, who kicked her while she was down. Her fellow LHH: ATL alum Melissa Scott also jumped in to kick Big Lex while she was on the ground fighting off Joseline. Melissa, in the blue long sleeve collared shirt, got some swings in, too.

Melissa isn’t the only help the dancer turned singer had. Social media slueths identified Andraya Alexander as the woman in a white crop top also jumping in to fight Big Lex. She’s reportedly a cast member in the upcoming season of Joseline’s Cabaret: New York.

Once Joseline was in fight mode, no one was safe, not even security. She swung on everyone around her as soon as the fight broke up.

The ferocious fight didn’t end there! The meme queen (and her entourage) came back for more.

See the close-up of how the fight nearly took a deadly turn and what charges Joseline Hernandez faces after the flip!

Joseline Hernandez Got Big Lex In A Chokehold During Their Fight

Joseline ran back up on Big Lex and got her in a chokehold while her backup continued swinging and kicking. Retired boxing pro Antonio Tarver knew the choking was a potentially deadly move. He begged for security to intervene while they stood back watching. “Stop that sh*t! She’s killing that girl!” he yelled.

Joseline’s husband Ballistic Beats eventually got her to let go. Then he berated Big Lex from coming to a Zeus Network event in South Florida, Joseline’s home turf.

Many comments put Ballistic on blast for jumping into women’s fights to get his licks in rather than de-escalate things.

Yikes! Big Lex may have been taken down in the chaos and jumping, but she was never out. She fortunately walked away from the vicious fight. Joseline did, too, until the cops caught up with her.

Police Arrest Joseline Hernandez The Morning After Fighting Big Lex

The College Hill: Celebrity Edition star got her issue out with Big Lex, but now she has one with the law. TMZ reported that police arrested Joseline for the fight early Monday morning.


She faces four charges, including trespassing and battery. Despite the chaotic fighting, Joseline looks relatively untouched in her mugshot.




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