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With crime rates rising in Atlanta and shootings dominating headlines on a near-weekly basis, one rideshare app based out of Dunwoody, Georgia, allows people to hire armed drivers.

Black Wolf App Is Here To Make A Difference In Atlanta

According to WSB-TV, the idea for Black Wolf App was hatched by Kerry KingBrown late last year.

At the time, KingBrown—who’s served as a professional bodyguard for celebs and politicians—was providing rides for his friend’s child, and he wanted to allow everyone to have a safe rideshare experience.

“We have clients from the political realm to the everyday blue-collar worker.”

KingBrown notes that all the drivers with Black Wolf App have worked in the military, law enforcement, or private security for at least five years.

“Our drivers are military, law enforcement, those who have been in the private security world for over five years. That’s the minimum we require. They can see a situation brewing before it happens.”

The company just completed its first month, and KingBrown estimates they’ve “probably done over 180 rides so far.”

Despite some critics, KingBrown says he plans to expand to Los Angeles and continue to provide the service.

“We want to take the pressure off of you, take the liability off of you as the rider. I’m not gonna listen to anybody that’s gonna say it’s not gonna work, because it is working.”

We should add that all the Black Wolf App drivers are trained in de-escalation techniques and have not had to brandish any weapons yet.

As for the cost, it’s comparable to that of an Uber Black or about 50 percent pricier than a standard ride.

Arming Rideshare Drivers Has Been A Hot Topic Of Discussion

It’s important to note that this initiative isn’t out of the blue.

Just last week, someone gunned down a 30-year-old woman named Teisha Brewley in the backseat of an Uber in Buckhead. Authorities believe it was a “targeted incident.”

We should add that Scot Turner (R-Ga.) introduced a bill in 2019 that would’ve allowed rideshare drivers to carry firearms. While defending this move, Turner noted that preventing rideshare drivers from carrying firearms turns them into “sitting ducks.”

“The current policy is turning rideshare drivers into sitting ducks and they know it. Even if they don’t carry, drivers that don’t will have a benefit from those who do because people won’t consider them a soft target anymore.”

The bill ultimately flopped, though Black Wolf App is offering another route to serve as a solution.

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