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JT x Lil Uzi Vert x Sukihana

Source: Paras Griffin/Prince Williams / Getty

JT is never one to miss an opportunity to put someone in their place.

The former City Girl took to X to set the record straight on the support she receives from her boyfriend, Lil Uzi Vert, and had a little smoke left over for Sukihana.

In response to an account named @FemaleRapGame’s claim that Uzi does not promote the “Sideways” artist’s music and refuses to be “used” by her in the form of a collaboration, JT said,

“It’s because he actually was paying for my studio time when me & my label was at odd’s, we have songs as well. I wasn’t a solo artist then it didn’t make since. Idk how ppl I block page pop up but I’m sick of this page speaking on me & don’t know wtf they be talking about.”

She continued,

“FYI he barely promotes his own music I drive a RR as an everyday car because of him trust me a story post won’t make me no never mind.”

And I oop…

JT also took a little time to “clear the air” with rapper Sukihana, who took offense to lyrics rapped on her new single “Okay” referring to loosing a tooth. Chile.

“& to clear the air @sukihanagoat you KNEW I wasn’t talking about YOU I would’ve answered quicker if you didn’t try to do a 2 for 1 special! I never knew your tooth fell out from eating crab legs you go viral for stupid s**t Daily & to think I’m scared of you when I’m a Zeus subscriber is SICK!”

Fans can catch Sukihana throwing them thangs on Baddies East, which streams on the Zeus Network. She has not won all of the fights she’s been part of throughout the show. Now, clock that!

The lyrics that seemed to rub the reality TV star the wrong way are,

She ate crab legs, now her whole tooth missin’/ Cheap a** veneers, you stay talkin’ s**t,”

Sukihana claims that people tagged her to bring attention to the alleged diss and she demanded answers from JT.

“We all know I did break my teeth on some crab legs. I love crab legs, that’s normal s**t. I posted it, it’s real s**t and I’m living my truth. But I don’t talk s**t about b***hes. I always show b***hes love. Never hate on a b***h. Never call a b***h names.”

In the meantime, JT has continued her City Cinderella club tour with sold out dates in major markets.

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