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Ne-Yo’s ex-girlfriend Sade Bagnerise has issued an apology for publicly blasting the singer in a recent Instagram Live.

Ne-Yo Visits The SiriusXM Studio

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On Wednesday, April 24, Bagnerise filmed Ne-Yo inside his home while accusing him of assault and claiming the star exposed their children to drugs and prostitutes. Just one day later, she returned to her Instagram Story to apologize to the singer, admitting that a little time for reflection made her realize it was wrong to bring their relationship issues onto the internet.

As reported by The Shade Room, Sade went on to explain that “emotions were heightened,” and the “full moon was out, cycle on,” and “postpartum built with frustration” came together to cause the incident. She also clarified that she wants “the best for everyone” and insists Ne-Yo has the ability to be a much better father.

“I wouldn’t be fussing if I didn’t think he was capable of being the best. I show up different,” she wrote in her apology. “Sorry for how I communicated my frustration with you @neyo sincerely. Let’s do better…”

Bagnerise went on to say, “I’m human. I hurt too. & i want the best for everyone. That’s all I was fussing for. Nothing more.”

The mother of two also spoke to Radar Online after the outlet learned that cops allegedly removed her from Ne-Yo’s home early Thursday morning.

“We are two parents co-parenting and we had a heated argument,” Sade told the site. “I removed myself from the home.”

Amid all this public relationship drama, Ne-Yo’s ex-wife Crystal Renay took to Instagram to share a meme that may or may not be related.

“Knowing I can take it there & DON’T is growth to me,” read the photo she reposted on her Instagram Story.

While Sade didn’t respond to Crystal’s repost, she did issue a statement to all of the fans calling Ne-Yo’s behavior “karma” for how their relationship began.

“Hell I neverrrrrr ever even came to this internet and said who my BD was to begin with. Let’s start there,” she posted on her Instagram Story.

“Y’all swear I was that lady karma and now y’all swear this mine,” Bagnerise continued. “So wtf y’all got BF and BD problems fa? Lmao y’all s**t just not on the internet.”

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