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Tupac Shakur & Suge Knight Outside Club 662

Suge Knight & 2PAC Source: Nitro / Getty

Even from behind bars, Suge Knight is expressing his feelings about Drake using AI Tupac for his Kendrick Lamar diss.

While some Hip-Hop fans are enjoying the onslaught of ongoing beefs, some people are not as pleased with the tactics being used in the war.

Kendrick Lamar’s verse on “Like That” targeting Drake and J. Cole has spawned several responses and responses to those responses.

After Drake fired back at Kendrick Lamar’s “Like That” diss aimed at him and J. Cole with “Taylor Made Freestyle,” the Internet has mixed reactions to his use of an A.I. Tupac and Snoop Dogg.

According to Complex, during his podcast Collect Call With Suge Knight the former mogul spoke on the track and it’s clear he’s displeased, but maybe not for the reason you’d think.

“Young people do what young people do. It’s y’all turn, but regarding the homie ‘Pac, he wasn’t no chump,” Knight said. “Putting him on a song and dissing Kendrick for everybody entertainment–that ain’t how it go.”

According to Suge, putting Tupac and Snoop on the same track wasn’t “a good look” because Snoop was “part of the rapper’s downfall.”

“Then putting him on a song with Snoop, who was a part of his downfall and exit, ain’t ever a good look,” Knight added. “‘Pac was a king on that chessboard. He never was a pawn, so he can’t make him be a pawn now.”


Tupac’s Family Weighed In On Drake’s “Taylor Made Freestyle”

According to TMZ, 2Pac’s brother Morpheme Shakir thinks Pac was “weaponized” and wants the beef to stay between the two rappers.

Mopreme told the outlet that Drake using Pac’s voice is like “bringing out a tank, or even going with a nuclear option”, which he’s against since he thinks the battle should be 1-on-1 … with no outside help. Ultimately however the brother said that he likes hearing his brother’s voice on the track.


When Drake released “Taylor Made Freestyle” he promised to kick the dust up so Kendrick couldn’t avoid the confrontation. We think it’s safe to say he succeeded, and his use of Pac’s voice will keep the conversation going.

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