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A 15-year-old McDonald’s worker had to undergo surgery after a brutal on-the-job attack. St. Louis police arrested and charged 25-year-old Johnny Ricks after he bashed Ariyah Lynch‘s skull on April 7.

Explained: What Happened To The Teenage McDonald’s Worker

According to local outlet First Alert 4, Ariyah and another teenage McDonald’s worker were on the clock when the incident occurred. The 15-year-old told the outlet that a group was being “loud… obnoxious” in the drive-thru. In response, the fast food employees asked the group to step inside to place their order.

Shortly after, Ricks and a group of adults entered the McDonald’s on ten! They reportedly, per Ariyah, started throwing things and spitting on at least four employees. Ricks, in particular, reportedly broke an electronic menu board after launching a food tray at it.

At that point, things escalated and moved from inside to outside as the employees tried to remove the group from the premises.

Shocking footage captured a man – -later identified as Ricks — dragging Ariyah Lynch before slamming her head against the concrete.

“Getting stomped out by a grown man? I wasn’t prepared for what was gonna happen,” Lynch told First Alert 4 following the incident.

She added that she was trying to “protect” herself. Her stepmother later revealed to KSDK that Ariyah suffered a concussion and a broken nose that required surgery. A GoFundMe further described her injuries as a “skull fracture with frontal lobe damage.”

See the shocking video HERE.  

What’s Next For Johnny Ricks?

Earlier this month, Ariyah told First Alert 4 she wants Ricks in jail and plans to press charges.

According to PEOPLE, St. Louis police arrested John Ricks on April 17 — the same day as Ariyah’s surgery and ultimately charged him with assault and property damage.

He was initially held on a $150,000 cash-only bond. One bond condition requires him to stay at least 500 feet from any McDonald’s and not contact Ariyah.

He made his first court appearance on April 18 and has a bond hearing review scheduled for April 25.

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