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 Editor’s Note: The Montgomery Police Department has an ongoing investigation into the Aug. 5 Montgomery Riverfront assault of Damien Pickett and a 16-year-old male. This article will be updated as new information is made public. 

Three Boaters Post Bond, One Woman Charged With Third-Degree Assault

On Thursday (Aug.10), Montgomery assault suspects Richard Roberts, Zachary Shipman, and Allen Todd posted bond, The Shade Room confirmed with the local police department. Officials released the pontoon boaters from last weekend’s viral assault turned street brawl from the municipal jail.

All three men are charged with third-degree assault against Hariott II Riverboat’s co-captain, Damien Pickett. Roberts has an additional third-degree assault related to the 16-year-old juvenile.

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Also Thursday, Mary Todd surrendered to the police on third-degree assault charges in relation to Damien Pickett. MPD housed her in the municipal jail, Montgomery Police Department’s Public Information Officer, Major S. Coleman told The Shade Room in an email.

Montgomery Woman Suspects Bond Police Interview Reggie Gray

Police Schedule Interview With ‘Chair Wielder’ Reggie Gray 

MPD’s PIO also told The Shade Room they expect to interview Reggie Gray on Aug. 11. Coleman did not specify a time for the meeting. As of now, MPD has not revealed any charges.

But that could change after today’s meeting. Circulating videos have shown Gray using a white folding chair to hit a white man above the head, then proceeding to do the same to a white woman.

This is a developing story.

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