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Yung Miami recently teased a freestyle to “Put It On Da Floor” by Latto, and it immediately got fans buzzin’ online!

Yung Miami Shows Off Two Snippets From Her Freestyle

The Florida-bred rapper shared snippets of the song on Monday (June 19) via social media.

While Latto’s original track has gained tons of traction from internet users because of her opening “Rip me out the plastic, I been actin’ brand new” line, Yung Miami’s freestyle made the beat her own.

In one verse, Caresha proudly states, “B***h, I’m f**kin’ on your baby daddy, and f**kin’ mine too.”

In another, she references a man who’s “worth a bil’,” which seems like it MAY be about Diddy.

“B***h, cry for what? My n***a worth a bil’ / That n***a shootin’ babies in me, put me in his will.”

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Shortly after making her post, she tweeted and explained a few lyrics.

“So I said ‘H*e RAP FOR WHAT? This p***y pay the bills!!!’”

Yung Miami noted, “Y’all always saying I can’t rap, but I ain’t even gotta rap tho!! LIFE IS GREAT b***h do you see how I’m living???”

Nonetheless, she humorously admitted that her pen game could potentially use some fine-tuning.

“I ain’t never said I was no lyricist either tho lmaooo.”

Twitter Users React To Caresha’s Snippet: “My B***h Be Eating A Beat Up”

Once fans got a lil’ taste of what Yung Miami was servin’ up, they began to share their thoughts on Twitter.

Check out what some listeners had to say about the verse down below.

From giving Caresha her props to excitedly tweeting her lyrics, people were primarily here for the track.

One supporter proclaimed, “I’m ready for y’all hoes to admit my b***h be eating a beat up like Cobb salads.” PERIOD!

People appeared particularly fond of her “baby daddy” reference, as plenty of listeners tweeted about the line alongside laughing emoji.

What’d you think of Yung Miami’s freestyle?

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