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Ne-Yo isn’t getting back together with his ex-wife Crystal Renay despite a public appearance together sparking rumors.

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A source told TMZ the pair’s relationship is strictly professional. After the messy breakup, they have remained cordial for the sake of their business ventures.

Side eyes activated as the two posed for pics at the grand opening of their restaurant. They share ownership of the Johnny’s Chicken and Waffles’ new location in midtown Atlanta.

Crystal filed for divorce from the “So Sick” singer in 2022 after learning he fathered a child with one of his mistresses, Sade. Sources maintain the exes remain separated and have no plans of reuniting. The former couple were simply fulfilling their contractual obligations as co-owners of the eatery.

Social Media Speculates That Ne-Yo And Crystal Renay Spun The Block After Joint Appearance At Restaraunt Opening

Some social media commenters said Crystal’s body language spoke volumes as she stood stiffly next to Neyo as he rested his hand on her waist. Others added the stoic look on the entrepreneur’s face clearly expressed she was there for business only and there was no chance of a romantic reunion.

One commenter said, “Nah Neyo was all smiles! Crystal face & body says I’m just here on business”.

Another added, “Yall don’t read her body language sis bout her bag she not messing with him she getting her money ill smile too let that other chick have him and deal with that we business partners that’s it I respect it ….”

The assessments continued,

“He’s smiling… she’s internally cussin”

“I wouldn’t even want his hands around me.. both of us would be standing like the soldiers at the Buckingham Palace..”

“If ‘hurry up and take the picture, damn’ was a person”

“She clearly don’t like him. Look at her standing away from him. You move in when it’s genuine”

“The bills gotta be paid”

“Her body language is saying, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined.”

Crystal does not only promote the eatery but also actively participates in the day-to-day operations. It was necessary for the former lovers to learn to co-exist, as they will continue to be in each other’s presence for the opening of three more locations.

A key in business — never allow your personal feelings to mess up your schmoney.

The two also continue to co-parent as they balance new romantic relationships.

Ne-Yo and Crystal are both dating as well as co-parenting their three children.

The crooner was asked by TMZ in April when was it a good time to began dating again after a break up.

The Grammy-winner replied, “It depends on the person. It depends on you. Everybody’s timeline ain’t the same. Some people get it quick. Some people take a little time. It’s up to you.”

“Me? Personally? I’m in a space where I’m happy. I’m dating now. I don’t give a damn.I’m moving around. I’m enjoying the single life.”

He noted that his DMs were flooded and he actually reads the messages that he referred to as “a little gross”.

Crystal posted a video on her Instagram story smooching and getting cozy with a new man last month.

Commenters labeled the video a little cringy but expressed their happiness for the mom of three nonetheless.

The unnamed fellow was also seen on baecation with Crystal in Mexico.

Crystal and Neyo’s divorce was finalized at the top of the year. They share three children — 6-year-old Shaffer Jr., four-year-old Roman and 20-month-old Isabella.

Whether ex-spouses are keeping it cute for the kids or for business, it’s satisfying to see individuals move on without mudslinging.

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