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Everyone’s talking about Jacky Oh’s plastic surgeon Dr. Zach Okhah. He’s finally speaking out, but not about Jacky’s shocking death after her mommy makeover.

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The founder of PH-1 Miami clinic took to Instagram to address scrutiny in the wake of Jacky reportedly dying shortly after her procedure. Instead of even extending condolences to Jacky’s family, the post seemingly focused on multiple reviews of alleging botched surgeries and complications.

“To all my past, current and prospective patients, PH-1 Miami remains devoted to the highest quality medical care. All aesthetic procedures are performed in a hygienically safe environment to universally recognized medical standards,” Dr. Zach wrote on Friday, more than two weeks later.

As BOSSIP previously reported, the former Wild ‘N Out model’s last social media post was with Dr. Zach. Her cause of death has still not been confirmed, but several social media pages dedicated to cosmetic surgery suspect that she passed due to complications.

According to The Cosmetic Lane, many suspect Jacky suffered heart failure following a Mommy Makeover. The procedure is considered higher risk due to a combination of multiple surgeries like a tummy tuck, liposuction, and a breast augmentation or breast lift.

The proud mom shared three children with comedian DC Young Fly. The model-turned-real estate agent gave birth to their first daughter Nova in 2016. The couple welcomed their second daughter Nala in 2020 and, most recently, their son Prince in July 2022.

“It’s very unfortunate and it’s horrendous to see a death of any patient, especially from elective surgery,” adds plastic surgeon Robert Singer, MD told New Beauty.

“Unfortunately, there have been too many of these in Miami from Mommy Makeovers and BBLs. While it can occur in anyone’s hands, patients should be should seek out care from a board-certified plastic surgeon with an appropriate anesthesia provider and be operated in accredited or licensed facility.”

In a follow-up tweet, The Cosmetic Lane clarified that ” while [Dr. Zach] is a practicing board eligible plastic surgeon, he isn’t board certified at the moment.”

Speculation about Jacky’s tragic death included theories that she had an underlying heart condition. Dr. Zach’s post also challenged the narrative that he somehow missed or mishandled her health issues.

“Most importantly, my staff and I ensure that each patient is vetted, prepped and treated according to their individual patient history prior to any surgery. Our mission is to healp our patients achieve the best results in the safest and most medically appropriate way possible,” Dr. Zach continued.

Dr. Zach’s Statement After Jacky Oh’s Death Sparks More Controversy And Criticism

The self-described “Liposuction/BBL specialist” previously confronted malpractice allegations by suing patients over negative reviews. This time he shut down the conversation by turning off the comments.

The strategy makes sense considering how Hollywood Unlocked’s social media post about the statement has thousands of critical clapbacks in the replies.

While some argued that potentially fatal complications come with the territory of surgery, others called him “disgusting” and “despicable.” It makes sense that he can’t discuss specifics about an ongoing investigation into her death and personal medical information. Snubbing Jacky while addressing this tragedy didn’t go over that well.

“Yall mentioning your mission is to help patients reach best possible results in the safest way. That didn’t happen like y’all not sorry it happened or nothing?” on Instagram user said.

Another wrote, “I don’t like this message. No acknowledgement of her passing or anything remotely close to sympathy or compassion. He could’ve stayed tf quiet.”

As others have pointed out, we do not yet know all of the information about this heartbreaking case. What we do know is that the same social media presence that’s bringing in business is now making the block hotter for Dr. Zach.

Our condolences go out to Jacky Oh’s family and loved ones.

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