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There’s f*cking around and finding out, and then there’s trying to square up with Black Dynamite himself, Michael Jai White. Twitter “collectivisized” with hilarious Chuck Norris-level legends about the beloved black belt’s deadly hands and theories about who tried to fight him.

BET+ "Kingdom Business" Los Angeles Premiere

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Everyone’s excited for the Juneteenth weekend release of the hilarious horror film The Blackening, but one of the biggest plot twists happened in its audience. Another celeb reportedly tried to fight the elite martial artist while attending a screening earlier this week.

The alleged altercation stayed relatively quiet until a viral tweet called out the unnamed star who almost turned his bad day into his last day.

“I went to a screening of The Blackening (good film, very funny) and a male celebrity (whom I will not name) tried to fight THIS MAN,” the tweet said with a photo series of White.

The pictures include a blurb about White’s seven black belts, a shirtless shot of his super chiseled muscles. and his starring role in Tyson as the heavyweight boxing champ. The former martial arts teacher holds black belts in Shotokan Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Okinawan Kobudo, Goju Ryu, Tang Soo Do, Wushu, and Kyokushin Karate.

To give you an idea of how untouchable he is, not even Mike Tyson could put fear in his heart.

“Someone tried to step to MJW?! Listen, when played Mike Tyson in the TV movie an interviewer asked if he was worried Tyson wouldn’t like his portrayal. MJW was like, ‘nah been training and fighting in martial arts since I was 10. He want me he can find me.’” one reply said.

Luckily for this Chicago Wind wannabe, the crowd saved him from writing a check his hands couldn’t cash.

“The celeb in question owes his life to a few brave men who stepped in between, including a retired NBA player,” a follow-up tweet added.

Whew, the plot is thicker than Black Dynamite’s ‘fro! The mystery match-up sparked so much speculation it’s becoming the new “Who bit Beyoncé?”

Check out the hilarious reactions and theories about who tried to fight Michael Jai White after the flip!

Who Tried To Put The Paws On Spawn? Twitter Detectives Investigate Michael Jai White’s Rumored Rumble

“The Blackening” Influencer Screening At AMC The Grove

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No one spilled the tea with confirmation about who tried to start the alleged altercation, but that only made the story juicier. Michael Jai White attended an influencer screening of The Blackening in Los Angeles on Tuesday, June 13. The 55-year-old’s action star wife, Gillian White, was by his side for a date night before the off-screen drama started.

Additional clues narrowed down that the man in question was “Black famous” and not a star of The Blackening. That ruled out suggestions like Tom Cruise and the Wahlberg brothers, but the guessing game continued.

The first squabbling suspect was Brandon T. Jackson, one of the few other celebs seen on the scene at the event.

Attendees debunked this rumor, clarifying that Jackson was one of the Good Samaritans who intervened in the scene-stealing scuffle.

Twitter continued to fancast habitual line-steppers for opening the Kingdom Business king’s extra large can of whup*ss. DJ Akademiks, Chris Brown, and Bossie’s names came up, but the Badazz was too busy fighting the feds.

Of course, Kanye’s name came to mind for unnecessary drama.

Several people suggested Tyrese was the one who didn’t know when to “throw in the tile.”

We may never know who tried to throw hands with White, but he’s lucky the Exit Wounds star didn’t kick him into next week. The sensational story sparked an outpouring of love and appreciation for the real-life action hero.

Michael Jai White started trending from fans giving him flowers about his undeniably unf*ckwitable status.

See the jokes, reactions, and Chuck Norris-level legends about Michael Jai White after the flip!

Fans Put Some Respect On Living Legend Michael Jai White

Celebrities At The Los Angeles Clippers Game

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As a lifelong martial artist, Michael Jai White doesn’t just talk the talk. He’s really about that life. Despite his dangerous skills, he’s as nice of a person as he is nice with his hands.

The incident inspired fans to share their favorite stories and larger-than-life folklore about White. After all, he’s the first Black star of a live-action comic book movie in Spawn and schooled knockout king Kimbo Slice on throwing a punch.

In the recently released film Come Out Fighting, you can see more of Michael Jai White’s action-packed stunts and epic fight scenes. This fall, he’ll be serving Blaxploitation realness in a shoot-’em-up Western The Outlaw Johnny Black.

Check out more reactions from fans putting some well-deserved respect on Michael Jai White’s name below.

Remember, kids, if you see Michael Jai White in a fight with a grizzly bear… HELP THE BEAR!

Who do you think reportedly tried to step to the Blood & Bone brawler?

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