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Tim Anderson is publicly addressing his cheating scandal for the first time.

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During a recent appearance on The Pivot podcast with Ryan Clark, Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor, Anderson opened up about his personal life, which includes the recent rumors surrounding his family life.

Social media influencer Dejah Lanae has posted with Anderson multiple times, also claiming Anderson is the father to her son. On the podcast on Tuesday, Anderson confirmed the birth of his son, Sevn, and insists he never denied that the child was his–despite that being an admission of infidelity to his wife, Bria.

“This is my son, for sure. I never once denied it,” Anderson said. “I’m gonna step up to the plate with what’s mine.”

Back in 2017, Anderson married Bria and had two daughters — Paxton and Peyton. In more recent times, Anderson admitted that he endured some dark moments that led him to make poor decisions in his personal life.

Still, despite her husband having a child with another woman, Bria has made her decision to stick by his side very clear. In March, she posted photos on Instagram with the caption, “Mrs. Anderson has entered the chat.” On The Pivot, the Chicago White Sox baller admitted he and his wife worked a lot to rebuild their relationship after the incident.

“We went to therapy,” he explained. “Just really digging into what was it. What caused me to go into these spaces? It’s a tough conversation. It’s a tough situation.”

Anderson continued: “We did a lot of work as far as understanding it and showing my love to my wife and to my kids. It’s something I’m still going through trying to master it to get to the point to where I’m OK walking in it, stepping in it.”

While the MLB star didn’t go into detail about what had him so down, he did admit that there were times when he felt “lonely” and people didn’t know.

“I remember when I was first going through it, I didn’t want to be seen,” Anderson said. “I didn’t want to be talked to. But I still had to go out and play. So that even made it a whole lot tougher, for sure.”

Check out the full podcast up above.

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