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Megan Thee Stallion’s L.A. Pride performance turned into an emotional reunion with the middle school friend she protected from gay-bashing bullies: “She always had my back.”

LA Pride in the Park - Day 1

Source: Christopher Polk / Getty

The touching moment proved the Houston rapper doesn’t just have brilliant bars and a beloved booty. She also has a heart of gold. Unlike others who only care about the LGBTQ+ community when it’s convenient, Meg isn’t new to this; she’s true to this.

Carlos Rubalcava pulled during her L.A. pride performance to show love for his supportive old friend. Meg kept it real when the special surprise guest hit the stage.

“B*tch, why is this my classmate from like middle school? What the f*ck are you doing here?” she asked in shock before wishing him a happy birthday.

Carlos posted the adorable clip on Instagram and revealed that Meg was his A1 since day one. The real test of integrity is how people move when no one’s looking. Before Meg was famous and social media helped marginalized people clap back at bigots, she did it because it was right.

“Missed her so much. She’s still the same high energy person she was back then!!” he wrote.

“I have so much respect for her since the time in middle school when i was being talked down being called Gay when i wasn’t out yet and she stepped in and defended me, i was a little boy back then and she always had my back!! I’ll forever be a fan, girl, I love you!!!” Carlos continued.

Innocent queer people don’t just face judgment and insults. Violent propaganda and hate crimes are only increasing as conservatives strip their rights and erase their history with oppressive laws. Sound familiar?

It’s the same playbook that endangers Black lives in this country and makes Black queer people the most vulnerable from all sides. All these struggles for dignity and freedom are connected by common enemies. People like Meg, then and now, standing up against homophobic and transphobic hate is literally a matter of life and death.

The old classmates reconnecting onstage isn’t the only moment that made the crowd go wild.

Check out more highlights from Megan Thee Stallion’s epic L.A. Pride performance after the flip!

Megan Thee Stallion Sets The Stage On Fire As L.A. Pride Festival Headliner

LA Pride in the Park - Day 1

Source: Christopher Polk / Getty

Megan Thee Stallion didn’t hold back when she hit the stage Saturday night for L.A. Pride. She hit the stage in a sheer bodysuit with glittering jeweled bra and panty-like embellishments.

The short hiatus clearly did Thee Stallion some good because she looked and sounded amazing as ever. She bragged that these were the results of drinking her water and minding her business. “Real Hot Girl Sh*t!”

The show opened with Meg’s ballroom-inspired ballroom-inspired hit “Her” reminding everyone she’s the HHIC: Head Hottie In Charge.

Haus Basquiat and Deshaun Wesley showed up and showed out for a Legendary reunion with a ballroom breakdown.

Between the twerking, Meg uses her platform to address serious issues. She slowed things down to unequivocally show love to the LGBTQ+ community. A fan said, “Trans lives matter,” but added a caveat about being “passable” as cisgender. She clarified that everyone deserves to love themselves and be accepted regardless.

“The person said ‘Trans lives matter, but I’m very passable.’ And I don’t really like that. I think if you feel good about your body, if you feel good about how the f*ck you look, that’s all the f*ck that matters,” she declared.

“If you’re a bad b*tch, you’re just a bad b*tch! It don’t need a title, it don’t need a label,” she continued telling fans to cheer for loving their bodies and not caring what anyone else says. Period!

The “WAP” rapper didn’t seem to miss a beat while she was feeling herself and the choreo.

Hits like “Simon Says” had everyone clapping, cakes included.

For “Body-ody-ody” she twerked the jewels off her stunning bodysuit.

As usual, Megan’s sign language interpreter was all the way turned up.

Of course, the Hotties kept the same energy! This fan had what it takes to keep up with Meg move for move, cheek for cheek!

Check out more pictures below from Megan Thee Stallion’s L.A. Pride Festival performance:

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