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Susan Lorincz Ajike AJ Owens

Source: Marion County Sheriff’s Office/Ben Crump / MCSO

This just took our sadness and anger about this story up 100 notches.

All week, BOSSIP has been reporting on the shooting death of Ajike “AJ” Owens at the hands of her racist neighbor Susan Louise Lorincz. The two women had a verbal confrontation after Lorincz reportedly shouted racist slurs at Owens’ children while they were playing in front of her home. Lorincz fatally shot Owens through the front door of that home just minutes later while her 9-year-old son stood just a few feet away watching his mother die.

According to a new CNN report, the boy is now suffering from intense guilt and blaming himself for his mother’s death.

“In his soul, in his heart, it’s his fault that his older brother, his baby sister and his baby brother, as well as himself, will never see their mother again,” Owens’ mother, Pamela Dias, told reporters Wednesday.

“Grandma, grandma. I couldn’t save her,” Dias recalled the 12-year-old boy telling her.

Our blood is BOILING. We pray that this child has people around him that will shower him and his siblings with love and that a professional grief counselor can help him shed the idea that the act of a hateful, vile, sub-human is in any way his fault.

Susan Lorincz Regularly Harassed Children In Neighborhood

An NBCNews article reveals that residents in the area have long been aware of Lorincz’s treatment of children in the neighborhood. It is said that she has a history of being mean, rude, and violent toward minors by shouting slurs, video recording, and waving firearms at them. A man named Franklyn Colon was playing with his son and others just hours before Lorincz murdered Owens. He says that she gave him the middle finger. Sadly, he says that Owens was the first person to tell him about this evil witch when he moved into the neighborhood two years ago. Colon isn’t the only resident with a story about Lorincz…

Phyllis Wills, 33, has lived in the neighborhood for about 15 years. She knew Owens and knew of Lorincz “because she used to come outside all the time and harass our kids,” she said. “Everybody in this neighborhood has feuded with this lady over our children.”

“Our kids used to play in the field over there all the time. It’s an apartment complex. These are children who, you know, they’re, they’re going to do things. … Every time they’ve went even in the patch of grass over there, she would be like, ‘Get off of my lawn, you b—- or you retards or you N-word.’ She would wave guns at them,” Wills said.

Lorincz is face 30 years in prison for the manslaughter charges. Please, for the love of everything sacred and holy, put this piece of trash in a prison dumpster and never let her out.

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