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A judge ordered Cardi B. to stop collecting the $3 million defamation judgment from YouTuber Taska K.

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Over the last several months, raptress Cardi B. attempted to obtain the millions awarded to her after Tasha K. lost in court. was found guilty of spreading lies about her, including the entertainer being an escort and contracting herpes, RadarOnline reports.

According to legal documents, a peach state judge ordered Cardi to cease her collection efforts after Taska filed for bankruptcy.

The judge stated the Chapter 11 case put all of Tasha’s legal matters on pause until the bankruptcy is resolved.

At the top of the year, a judge awarded the “Up” rapper $1 million in general damages for Tasha’s — real name Latasha Kebe — public slander. In addition, she won $250k for medical expenses.

The court also awarded Cardi $1.5 million in punitive damages and $1.3 million to cover the costs of her legal team.

Cardi sued Tasha after she posted videos with false allegations like claiming she did drugs. The Afro-Latina denied all of the claims, including the one stating she contracted an STD.

Tasha K.’s “Insane Lies” And Harassment Were So Bad, Cardi Thought The Blogger Wanted Her Suicidal

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The Bronx native testified that Tasha K.’s false reports sent her into a spiraling depression that affected her marriage to former Migos rapper, Offset. On the Jason Lee Show, she candidly explained how Tasha K’s torment disrupted her life.

Cardi said the constant “insane lies” made her feel “harassed” by Tasha K. She even thought the blogger’s goal was to make her “kill herself.” The Grammy-nominated performer revealed she lost her sex drive and struggled to be intimate with her husband.

Not only did Tasha attack Cardi, but she also targeted her family and friends as well.

The performer said, “And some people say hurt people hurt people, but it’s like sometimes hurt people gotta go to therapy or gotta find God.”

Since Cardi won the judgment, she has been going hard in the paint to secure her funds. Her legal team fired off subpoenas to the blogger’s bank and Google, where Tasha earns money from YouTube videos. She successfully collected thousands of dollars. However, now that Tasha filed for bankruptcy in Florida, all that is on hold.

We’ll see how this turns out but we hope Cardi is able to fully collect her coins in the end.

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