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Baraboo High School Superintendent Rainey Briggs has filed a restraining order against a former student’s father after he charged onstage and pushed him during a graduation.

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High School Graduation Disrupted By Altercation

The Wisconsin high school held its graduation on (May 31). As students approached the stage for their diplomas, an altercation erupted. The now-viral video sees Matthew Eddy‘s daughter shaking hands with several school district officials. When she approached the school’s Superintendent, Eddy ran on stage and shoved Briggs aside to prevent the exchange.

The student’s name remains unknown, but she looked utterly stunned and presumably embarrassed as the confrontation ultimately ruined her big moment.

“That’s my daughter,” Eddy says in the video. “You better get up off me man. Get away from me bro,” Briggs responds.

See the shocking Baraboo High School graduation incident below.

How Did The Wisconsin School Superintendent Respond?

According to TIME, a school district representative confirmed that Superintendent Briggs filed a temporary restraining order against Eddy. The court reportedly granted it on Monday (June 3). The outlet reports that the hearing will take place on June 14.

Additionally, Baraboo Police Department spokesperson Capt. Ryan La Broscian said Matthew Eddy received a criminal citation for disorderly conduct. The BPD forwarded the charge to the Sauk County District’s Attorney Office, which will determine if it sticks in a later court appearance.

Hailey Wagner, spokesperson for the School District of Baraboo, addressed the incident by emphasizing that the district prioritizes everyone’s well-being and safety.

“The School District of Baraboo is taking this incident very seriously and are working closely with local law enforcement to ensure a thorough investigation, Our primary focus remains on celebrating the achievements of our graduates. We want to ensure that the significance of this milestone and the hard work of our students are not overshadowed by this unfortunate event,” Wagner said.

This is not the first time that Baraboo High School has faced controversy. In 2018, a parent shared a photo online that showed several current and former students doing the Nazi salute. As per the New York Times, the Superintendent at the time stated that the district couldn’t discipline the students for their actions due to their First Amendment rights.

Social Media Reacts To Viral Graduation Video

The Roomies didn’t hesitate to share their thoughts on the viral graduation altercation in The Shade Room comment section. Numerous social media users suggested that the incident was a racially motivated act.

Instagram user @asia.fym wrote, “He just embarrassed her in a moment she can’t get back.” 

Instagram user @like.yanna wrote, “He ruined her moment.” 

While Instagram user @_licia1234_ wrote, “We need to start getting them chairs ready again!” 

Then Instagram user @xhydex3 wrote, “He embarrassed his daughter at the only high school graduation she’ll ever have. He put his hands on someone in front of hundreds of people. I can only imagine what he’s like behind closed doors.” 

Instagram user @pstiffonem_x3 wrote, “I bet if the roles were reversed, he would’ve been charged with assault!!!” 

Instagram user @pretty.face.with.a.big.booty wrote, “That’s embarrassing to his daughter especially now this is a viral moment of her big day … This was not special at all …” 

Finally, Instagram user @sevynthestylist wrote, “After all it took to graduate, I might have had to call security on my own, Daddy, and then walk again.” 

Meanwhile, the Superintendent has yet to comment on the graduation incident publicly.

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