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Singer/songwriter/ The-Dream is facing serious allegations from a woman who says he “lured her into an abusive, violent, and manipulative relationship” in 2015.

The-Dream, née Terius Gesteelde-Diamant, is being sued by Chanaaz Mangroe a/k/a. Channii Monroe for what she calls “nothing short of a prolonged nightmare” during their working relationship when she was 23.

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In court documents obtained by PEOPLE, the singer names not only The-Dream, but his record label, Contra Paris LLC, and Epic Records, which are accused of facilitating his “depraved behavior.”

Mangroe alleges that she suffered “horrific psychological manipulation” under the guise of him helping her pursue a recording and publishing contract. Instead of guidance, Mangroe says she was subjected to physical assaults and violent sexual encounters.

Citing the lawsuit, PEOPLE reports that Mangroe alleges The-Dream, 46, forced her to consume “excessive amounts of alcohol” by pouring it down her throat, “refused to wear a condom and regularly ejaculated inside” of her, and would “frequently” strangle her during “violent sex” — once “so intensely that she almost lost consciousness.”

In her lawsuit, she also describes an incident where she alleges that he once forcibly raped her after coercing her to perform sexual acts in a public movie theater.

Citing the alleged emotional manipulation, Mangroe, who was working in the United States on an international visa from the Netherlands, alleged that The-Dream controlled all aspects of her stay in the U.S., and monitored who she had contact with, what she ate, and where she lived.

She also alleged that he lied about getting her a spot on Beyoncé’s tour considering their close working relationship and promised to write blockbuster songs for Mangroe, none of which materialized.


The Dream Denies Chanaaz Mangroe’s Allegations, Mangroe & Her Lawyers Release Statements

In a statement to the New York Times, The-Dream vehemently denied the accusations.

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“These claims are untrue and defamatory,” he said. “I oppose all forms of harassment and have always strived to help people realize their career goals. As someone committed to making a positive impact on my fellow artists and the world at large, I am deeply offended and saddened by these accusations.”


By contrast, however, Mangroe and her legal team doubled down on the lawsuit and applauded their client for coming forward.

Mangroe’s attorneys, Douglas H. Wigdor and Meredith Firetog, told PEOPLE;

“This is yet another horrific example of how men in the music industry use their power and influence to manipulate and harm others.”

“While she will never fully recover from what he and those who supported him did to her, her willingness to speak out now is evidence of her extraordinary strength. We are honored to represent her.”

In her own statement, Mangroe called her decision to speak out, “one of the most difficult decisions of her life, but stood by it.

“Ultimately, what Dream did to me made it impossible to live the life I envisioned for myself and pursue my goals as a singer and songwriter,” she said. “Ultimately, my silence has become too painful, and I realized that I need to tell my story to heal,” she continued. “I hope that doing so will also help others and prevent future horrific abuse.”


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