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Another past Sean “Diddy” Combs employee came forward about allegedly witnessing his violence, saying she heard him beat Cassie Ventura so “badly” it left her with “knots and a “black eye.”

Cassie and Diddy attend Cassie's RockAByeBaby Release Party

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Mylah Morales, a former makeup artist for the Bad Boy founder, says she overheard his vicious violence against Cassie. She claims she witnessed the immediate aftermath of the alleged attack and that it left the beautiful model black, blue, and bloodied.

After reportedly living in fear of accusing such a powerful man, Morales is speaking out about the alleged 2010 assault. In an interview with CNN’s Laura Coates on Thursday, the ex-employee recalled a horrific incident similar to the brutal 2016 assault of Cassie captured on hotel surveillance footage. And hauntingly, she references the 2010 incident as the “first time” she experienced this.

“I have kept this secret for, like, 14 years,” she began. “They went into the bedroom, shut the door, and all I could hear was screaming and yelling. Whatever was going on in there, I don’t know, but all I could think of was to grab Cassie’s things and start packing it up and just getting her out to safety and bringing her to my house.”

After the alleged attack, Morales observed “knots on her head, black eye, busted lip.” She emphasized again, “a lot of knots all over her head.” She claims they didn’t go to the police because “Puffy is a very powerful person,” and neither woman “knew what to do at that point.”

“We were quite terrified so I just brought her to my house. My friend, who is a doctor, I called her… we didn’t know what to do,” Morales explained.

“[The doctor] treated her to make sure she didn’t have a concussion or anything like that. It was painful to see Cassie like that because she’s such a, you know, a beautiful human being,” she continued.

Diddy’s Former Makeup Artist Says Alleged 2010 Assault “Didn’t Feel Like” First Time For Cassie, Calls 2016 Video “What Could Have Happened In That Room”

Sean Combs And Cassie Ventura Attend The Met Gala

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Even after all these years and more evidence coming out as additional alleged victims come forward, Morales still sounds shaken up. She recalls a shock that she still can’t describe.

Meanwhile, “it didn’t feel like” the first time Cassie went through this. In fact, Cassie’s longtime friend suspects she was more concerned about someone else witnessing the ordeal. The impulse to save face or protect an abuser’s reputation is a tragically common part of the cycle for survivors.

“I feel like she might have been embarrased that that happened in front of me,” she said.

Coates asked how she felt after the release of the infamous 2016 video of Diddy hitting, dragging, and stomping Cassie. Morales said it left her “devastated.”

“It was like I actually witnessed what could have happened in that room, and more. That was a hallway incident. Who knows what could have happened in that room when I was outside of there? I was devestated. I’ve actually been devestated since the court cases came out about how he mistreated Cassie,” she continued.

Morales says she “hopes” Cassie will be one of the accusers cooperating with the Justice Department. However, she understands why so few people in the music industry are speaking out yet. “It’s a small industry,” she speculated, and “people are afraid.” The former insider explained that she was willing to come forward because Cassie had been her friend for several years.

Diddy has not publicly responded to these allegations.

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