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Social media users are sharing their reactions after the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) set a new recommendation for those who test positive for COVID-19.

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Here’s What The CDC Is Now Recommending

According to AP News, U.S. health officials announced the update on Friday, March 1. The outlet reports that those who test positive “no longer need to stay in isolation for five days.”

Those who test positive can “return to work or regular activities if their symptoms are mild and improving.” Additionally, they can resume their outdoor activities if they’ve gone a day without experiencing a fever.

AP News reports that “most people” have developed “immunity” to the disease “from vaccinations or from infections.”

Additionally, the outlet reports that experts believe most people “are not following the five-day isolation guidance anyway.”

“Our goal here is to continue to protect those at risk for severe illness while also reassuring folks that these recommendations are simple, clear, easy to understand, and can be followed,” Dr. Mandy Cohen, the CDC’s director, reportedly stated, per AP News.

However, according to the outlet, not all experts agree with the update. Some reportedly believe that the new guidelines will actually “increase the risk of infection for older people” and those vulnerable to illnesses.

More Details On The Reason Behind The Update

According to AP News, the change also arrives because “COVID-19 is not causing as many hospitalizations and deaths as it did in the first years of the pandemic.”

Additionally, the CDC’s recent update intends to streamline recommendations for those who test positive for COVID-19 “so they are similar to longstanding recommendations for flu and other respiratory viruses.”

“What has changed is how much COVID is harming us as a population,” Jennifer Nuzzo, the director of the Pandemic Center at Brown University’s School of Public Health, reportedly told the outlet.

According to the outlet, those who test positive and are concerned about spreading the disease can “remain cautious by wearing a mask and keeping a distance from others.”

Meanwhile, healthcare workers are still required to stay at home for seven days after their symptoms initially appear. Additionally, they must test negative for COVID-19 two days before returning to work.

Social Media Reacts

Social media users reacted to the CDC’s update in The Shade Room’s comment section. Many appeared confused.

Instagram user @timothyaslater wrote, “So it ain’t deadly anymore?”

While Instagram user @pisces4lifeatl added, “The CDC never standing on business… they be folding quicker than a chair in the Montgomery Brawl”

Instagram user @ashley.brionne wrote, “So go out and spread it? Gotcha”

While Instagram user @jeremiah1and5_queen, “If I’m sick I’m staying home I don’t care about the C the D or the C”

Instagram user @swaggysie wrote, “This is so crazy. After people lost their jobs over vaccines.”

While Instagram user @mannysolo remarked, “So basically just put some Vicks on my chest and continue my day? Got it”

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