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Lil Nas XSource: ANGELA WEISS / Getty

Lil Nas X recently addressed backlash from the Christian community over his “J Christ” video that caused an uproar with a communion scene.

If being controversial is part of your brand, there will always come a time when you fly too close to the sun and get burned. For Lil Nas X, that recently happened while he was promoting his recent single “J Christ” when he released a video of himself having communion.

While dressed as Jesus he ate communion crackers and drank copious amounts of communion wine.

According to Complex, Lil Nas X recently said that he understands that he crossed the line with the scene, but he doesn’t regret anything else. Earlier this week, he opened up about the entire ordeal while on Jay Shetty’s On Purpose podcast.

“I already kind of explained the situation in that video, but it was thing that that artistically was just supposed to be like, ‘I’m returning. I’m back, I’m back like Him,’” said Nas X to the British author and podcaster. “It turned into this whole thing where it was me trying to dunk on Christians or something, and that was never what it was. I looked at the video with me eating like the communion or whatnot, and I was like ‘Okay, this looks really bad on paper. This thing that I thought was a little jokey fun video.”

If you thought his apology meant he was done trolling or being his authentic self, think again.

“I feel like I’ve apologized to the communion thing on that note. Everything else I’m not sorry about,” said Lil Nas X. “I don’t think I did anything wrong. I’ve also been making a lot of gospel music to God and, like, my spiritual side, and I hate that this whole thing gets turned into a ‘mockery,’ which it isn’t.”

In every artist’s career, there comes a time when they upset a large group of people, it always happens. However, Lil Nas X should have known the Christians who were already against him wouldn’t let him play about Jesus.

You live and you learn, but all of this could have been avoided. After this recent backlash, he will have to come up with some great music because any gimmicks will quickly be written off.

“J Christ” debuted at No. 69 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and the rapper lost almost 150K followers.

Watch Lil Nas X’s controversial “J Christ” video below.

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