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MIKE, Wiki & The Alchemist lead the pack this week with Faith Is A Rock, Mathematik delivers Mathuniversal, Airospace makes the cut with STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN and Rasheed Chappell & The Arcitype drop Sugar Bills. KHEYZINE is back with HELL ON HEART / SIDE D, 38 Spesh & Conway The Machine connect for The Ghronic: Speshal Machinery, C-Red & Agent M drop Duty Hours and Gabe ‘Nandez returns with H.T. III. Cartie Curt & Dough Networkz hit the gas with GOODNESS GRACIOUS and Heavy Gantt drops HEAVYSKEME the MIXTAPE.

JAY BEL is on deck with PARTE DOIS and PARADIME drops PERIOD. William Bostick keeps pace with Samo, Gabriel Teodros follows with From the Ashes of Our Homes, The Strangers represent for Oakland and DJ Premier delivers Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 3. Birocratic & G Mills drop Ninety-Nine, Moemaw Naedon & C. Scott reconnect for Yinztroducing and Kiefer is back with It’s Ok, B U. C.S. Armstrong says COME AS YOU ARE, Fielded drops Plus One and everwave makes a splash with Wave 01.

MIKE x Wiki + The Alchemist – ‘Faith Is A Rock’

Album cover art for 'Faith is a Rock' by MIKE, Wiki & The Alchemist.Cover art for ‘Faith is a Rock’ by MIKE, Wiki & The Alchemist.

MIKE, Wiki & The Alchemist play a winning hand with the release of their collaborative album Fath Is A Rock.

Mathematik – ‘Mathuniversal’

Cover art for 'Mathuniversal' by Mathematik.Cover art for ‘Mathuniversal’ by Mathematik.

Toronto and Paris connect on Mathuniversal from rap veteran Mathematik and producers Parental and Lex De Kalhex.


Cover art for 'STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN' by Airospace. Cover art for ‘STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN’ by Airospace.

Airospace explores the highs and lows of life on STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN featuring Syd Franklin, Jimmy the Prophet and more.

Rasheed Chappell x The Arcitype – ‘Sugar Bills’

Cover art for 'Sugar Bills' by Rasheed Chappell and The Arcitype.Cover art for ‘Sugar Bills’ by Rasheed Chappell and The Arcitype.

Rasheed Chappell returns to the lineup with the release of Sugar Bills produced entirely by The Arcitype.


Cover art for 'HELL ON HEART' by KHEYZINE. Cover art for ‘HELL ON HEART’ by KHEYZINE.

KHEYZINE closes out the HELL ON HEART series with the release of SIDE D featuring Killyshoot, Con$piracy and more.

38 Spesh x Conway The Machine – ‘The Ghronic: Speshal Machinery’

Cover art for 'The Ghronic: Speshal Machinery' by 38 Spesh and Conway The Machine.Cover art for ‘The Ghronic: Speshal Machinery’ by 38 Spesh and Conway The Machine.

38 Spesh & Conway The Machine connect to deliver The Ghronic: Speshal Machinery produced entirely by Big Ghost Ltd.

C-Red x Agent M – ‘Duty Hours’

Cover art for ‘Duty Hours’ by C-Red and Agent M.

Following standout singles “Smoke” and “Delayed Gratification,” C-Red drops Duty Hours produced by Agent M.

Gabe ‘Nandez – ‘H.T. III’

Cover art for 'H.T. III' by Gabe 'Nandez. Cover art for ‘H.T. III’ by Gabe ‘Nandez.

Gabe ‘Nandez takes a psychedelic journey into indigenous territory on H.T. III featuring Ze Nkoma Mpaga Ni Ngoko and Chester Watson.

Cartie Curt x Dough Networkz – ‘GOODNESS GRACIOUS’

Cover art for 'GOODNESS GRACIOUS' by Cartie Curt and Dough Networkz. Cover art for ‘GOODNESS GRACIOUS’ by Cartie Curt and Dough Networkz.

Cartie Curt & Dough Networkz wrapped the summer with the rock-solid collaborative album GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Don’t sleep.

Heavy Gantt – ‘HEAVYSKEME the MIXTAPE’

Cover art for 'HEAVYSKEME the MIXTAPE' by Heavy Gantt.Cover art for ‘HEAVYSKEME the MIXTAPE’ by Heavy Gantt.

Following Hope This Helps, Heavy Gantt puts on for Kansas City with the release of HEAVYSKEME the MIXTAPE.


Cover art for ‘PARTE DOIS’ by Groove and Juan Rutina.

JAY BEL drops the sequel to SOLO EL FIN with the release of PARTE DOIS produced by Groove and Juan Rutina.


Cover art for 'PERIOD.' by PARADIME. Cover art for ‘PERIOD.’ by PARADIME.

Detroit’s PARADIME delivers a heater with the release of PERIOD. featuring Marv Won, Guilty Simpson, Ty Farris and A Minus.

William Bostick – ‘Samo’

Cover art for ‘Samo’ by William Bostick and Versatile Beats.

William Bostick drops a nod to an NYC legend with the release of Samo produced entirely by Versatile Beats.

Gabriel Teodros – ‘From the Ashes of Our Homes’

Cover art for 'From the Ashes of Our Homes' by Gabriel Teodros and Vitamin D. Cover art for ‘From the Ashes of Our Homes’ by Gabriel Teodros and Vitamin D.

Gabriel Teodros reflects upon loss on the self-produced album From the Ashes of Our Homes featuring production from Vitamin D and Ahamefule J. Oluo.

The Strangers – ‘The Strangers’

Cover art for 'The Stragners' by The Strangers. Cover art for ‘The Stragners’ by The Strangers.

Oakland collective The Strangers drop a future funk gem with the release of their self-titled album featuring Lyrics Born and Féfé.

DJ Premier – ‘Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 3’

Cover art for 'Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 3' by DJ Premier. Cover art for ‘Beats That Collected Dust Vol. 3’ by DJ Premier.

DJ Premier drops the latest installment of the Beats That Collected Dust series with the release of Volume 3.

Birocratic x G Mills – ‘Ninety-Nine’

Cover art for 'Ninety-Nine' by Birocratic & G Mills.Cover art for ‘Ninety-Nine’ by Birocratic & G Mills.

Birocratic & G Mills compose the samples and the beats on the collaborative instrumental project Ninety-Nine.

Moemaw Naedon x C. Scott – ‘Yinztroducing…’

Cover art for ‘Yinztroducing…’ by Moemaw Naedon x C. Scott.

Representing Pittsburgh, Moemaw Naedon & C. Scott follow 2021’s River Rats with their new beat project Yinztroducing…

Kiefer – ‘It’s OK, B U’

Cover art for 'It's OK, B U' by Kiefer.Cover art for ‘It’s OK, B U’ by Kiefer.

Kiefer follows the Braxton Cook collaborative project U Already Know with It’s OK, B U featuring Luke Titus and Pera Krstajic.

C.S. Armstrong – ‘COME AS YOU ARE’

Cover art for ‘COME AS YOU ARE’ by C.S. Armstrong.

C.S. Armstrong delivers a shortlist shoe-in with the release of COME AS YOU ARE featuring Mick Jenkins, Coco O, Buddy and k.a.a.n.

Fielded – ‘Plus One’

Cover art for 'Plus One' by Fielded. Cover art for ‘Plus One’ by Fielded.

Following 2021’s Young Medusa, Fielded raises the bar with the release of Plus One featuring billy woods, PremRock, Fat Tony and more.

everwave – ‘Wave 01’

Cover art for 'Wave 01' by everwave. Cover art for ‘Wave 01’ by everwave.

Music platform everwave has minted its efforts to shape the future of sound with the release of Wave 01. Contributors include Scrimshire, Paul Kang, Foursixone, Allysha Joy and Mark De Clive-Lowe.

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