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Blueface questioned his 6-year-old son’s sexuality for “ignoring” strippers. The internet said his alleged verbal and sexual abuse called for social workers instead of pole workers.

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When the rapper’s toxic masculinity usually makes headlines, it’s usually with Chrisean Rock. This latest viral video proves that his pregnant ex isn’t the only chaotic one here.

The 26-year-old badgered his young son, Javaughn, about his sexual orientation because he ignored strippers dancing in their home. On Thursday, the failing father posted videos featuring several nasty dancers twerking in his living room. For those wondering where the mother was, the video showed Javaughn’s mom Jaidyn Alexis also partaking in the freaky festivities.

Some social media users say child protective services should be called as name-calling is a form of abuse. State intervention  is no joke and come with serious risks. However, the same is true about introducing children that young to alleged verbal abuse, sexual situations, and bigotry.

“A casual day,” the rapper says as the video begins while the women dance to “Put It On Tha Flo Again” by Latto.

Blueface then leaves the lude living room scene and heads to the kitchen where he finds Javaughn rummaging for snacks.

“Son” he says as Javaughn searches for snacks in a the nearly empty pantry, “It’s booty cheeks out here, you over here looking for chips and Slim Jim’s and s***.”


The adorable little boy innocently responds, “I love Slim Jims”.

“You ain’t gay is you?” Blueface cringely asks.

Confused as to how he should answer, his son blurts, “I got my Slim Jims,” as he cupped the jerky snacks in his palm.

Blueface repeatedly asks the question until Javaughn shakes his head no. The Cash Money West rapper responded with excitement, “My man! My dawg!” and dapped him up.

Javaughn, seemingly relieved, smiles as he shakes his dad’s hand.

Blueface And Jaidyn Face Accusations Of Child Abuse For Viral Stripper Video

Social media users found the father-son interaction appalling.

“Blueface’s baby looking for food and only being able to scrounge up three Slim Jims from an empty pantry is sad as he–. They got strippers in the living room and are trying to push him to watch them. He’s HUNGRY! Nobody is on the stove. Where is the damn food for the child?!”

Another user mentioned how he previously claimed Chrisean wouldn’t be a good mother while it’s clear he won’t receive a Father of the Year nomination.

“Blueface & Jaidyn Alexis has their son around STRIPPERS, while telling him to come look & asking him is he gay ?? & he says Chrisean won’t be a good mother. Yet you’re taking your son’s innocents away so early. Tryna make a kid look at adult sexual content is pedo behavior.”

Another added, “CPS needs to take them kids from Blueface. I’m so serious.”

One commenter wasn’t just gonna talk about, she was gonna be about it commenting, “Does anyone know where blue face and his baby mamma live??? I’m calling CPS immediately.”

Someone else wrote, “That video of blue Face Is the prime example of why so many younger boys grow up to be so hyper sexual. It be their fathers or older guys that be teaching them that dumb sh–.”

Commenters came with their guns ablazing, “I cannot get over the fact that they child was HUNGRY and all blue face b—- a– can think ab is his son being gay for not wanting to look at butt naked a– women… he is a BABY like be so fr rn u dumb fuck. AND STEWIE BIG HEADED A– DID NOTHING! RAGGEDY! THE BOTH OF THEM!!!!!”

Someone else expressed, “Blue face babymomma jaidyn is disgusting!! Like atp it’s not even about you getting your get back! Where are your morals????? Do you even care about what your kids are exposed to? Ugh.”

Blueface and his child’s mother clearly need to take parenting courses before their kids end up in the system.

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