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Keke Palmer’s stay-at-home boo Darius Jackson is still the main character on the internet, and Aoki Lee Simmons is dragging him like the rest of us.

“Don’t ever talk about Akeelah again. Ever!” warned Simmons.

aoki lee simmons x keke palmer x darius jackson

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Everyone, including all fiftyleven Twitter competitors and even CNN, is talking about Keke’s relationship drama. Protective Keke fans are even championing @ShyThugg’s new creative new term related to the shady scenario; “breadloser.”

As previously reported after Keke joined Usher onstage at his Las Vegas residency, her child’s father, Darius, lashed out about her sexy sheer outfit during the serenade.

Although Aoki Lee Simmons doesn’t know Keke’s man, the energy called out as “toxic” and “manipulative” seemingly hit close to home. After recently exposing her father Russell Simmons’ alleged financial and emotional abuse, she let the chopper soulfully sing on Keke Palmer’s co-parent.

“I just want to say I don’t know Keke Palmer’s boyfriend. I don’t know anything about him really besides the current thing, but let me just say I hate that man. I pray and plot on his downfall. I hate him. I’m disgusted. I think when my friend told me that and we was just sitting… I was like ‘What?’” Aoki said in ithe now-deleted TikTok.

As someone who’s reportedly seen rude comments escalate into serious violations, the Harvard grad wasn’t having it. She put Darius on blast for going out of his way to humiliate the Big Boss star with the “unhinged” outburst.

“I would love the chance to like punch that man…I am appalled. No couth. Not one drop of couth. Like there’s so many things wrong with it but the way he did it was insane. What he had to say was f**king stupid, and the way he did it was so unhinged,” she added.

“And the follow up was unhinged. Don’t ever talk about Akeelah again. Ever. Disgusting and it makes me sick because she gave that man a beautiful child and he is yapping on the internet. Why do men talk, ever? Just never talk again.”

The clip ended with Aoki showing some love for the multitalented star’s work.

“Anyway, go watch Keke’s Kamala Harris interview because she’s so cute and so wonderful,” she said.


#stitch with @Aokileesimmons🇰🇷🇯🇵🇺🇸 it was never gonna work honey bun!

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Then, just like Darius spun the block after deactivating his social media accounts, Aoki came back for seconds. She stitched a follow-up TikTok about how ridiculous he was for expecting the world to side against the beloved star. Baby, this is Keke Palmer, and “we don’t even know you!”

“Also, what did he think that we were going to say, like, agree and then we were all going to yell at your girlfriend and the mother of your child? Like, what did he think everybody was going to say like, ‘Yas, we’re gonna gang up on her with you?’ We don’t even know you!” Aoki said.

“Also, what? What did he think we were going to do, agree? Also, I thought the dress was amazing and so cute and elegant… I believe in the way that moms should dress but it was very mom, sexy, new mom night out. I thought it was very nice but whatever. Did he think that we were going to agree with him? Against Keke Palmer. It was never going to work.”

Everyone has an opinion on this story, but some comments thought Aoki was doing too much. Some said she needs to worry about her own family. Like Hershel Walker’s son Christian Walker, personal experience is why she reacted so strongly.

Check out Aoki Lee Simmons addressing the “dad-bashing” backlash to her comments after the flip!

Aoki Lee Simmons Shuts Down Dad-Bashing Allegations To Call Out The “Toxic Mindset” That Allows “Abuse” To Continue

2023 The Prince's Trust Gala

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Some comments called out Aoki for being so harsh in about this other famous family drama. “Girl, sit this one out,” one comment said under TheShadeRoom’s post about Aoki. Another pointed out “Aoki…. You was just on here SNOT BUBBLE CRYING over ya daddy…. RELAX… this ain’t ya fight lol”

Ms. Lee Simmons had time to get into all that! She responded to one reply about how putting a father on blast for his behavior is bad for the family.

“Soo wishing downfall & failure on the DAD is gonna help?? How is that going to help them grow as a new family?” one comment said. However, that’s all the more reason to shut this behavior down.

“Maybe do a little research before on me before you comment this on my page,” she explained. “Dad, uncle, grandfather, nephew… I don’t care. I don’t believe in giving men a pass because they have a title… That still is a person that deserves to be told when they’re acting crazy.”


Replying to @user6006732212045 a sperm donor fr

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Aoki clarified that she’s not just dad-bashing because of her own experience. Ignoring or enabling harmful behavior just to keep a family together through unchecked dysfunction is a “very toxic mindset.”

“And just like a wider statement, not on my dad or this other situation, in general, this is a very toxic mindset. It allows terrible things, abuse, criminality to just continue,” she said

When you say, ‘Oh, the family is the most important thing, keeping the family together, the dad and the mom…’ No, the most important thing is healthy, happy, respected, non-abused children with a healthy, happy caretaker.”

For new mothers like Keke, the first year is still a very vulnerable time, emotionally and physically.

“The most important thing is that the mother and baby are recovering from the birth and doing well. It’s not ‘oh, you have a perfect two parent household,’” she said, although she would hopes to be happily married with children one day.

“I don’t believe that [a two-parent household] is the end-all, be-all. I don’t believe that’s more important that keeping a child safe, well, healthy, and surrounded by love.”

Aoki closed by calling out people who blindly defend other authority figures rather than hold them accountable for abusing their power.

“I don’t care if someone has a different title: boss, president, teacher, whatever. If they’re not acting right, they’re not acting right. A title doesn’t give you some sort of crazy pass!” she said.

Whew, tell us how you really feel, Aoki! Many rushed to empathize with Darius’ jealousy, but it’s important to consider the perspective of those who’ve seen the slippery slope from toxic controlling behavior to alleged abuse.

Do you think Aoki Lee Simmons’ reaction to Darius Jackson and Keke Palmer was on point or too much?

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