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Chika is STILL alienating more fans online following her rant about a crying toddler who belonged to T.I. and Tiny Harris’ daughter, Zonnique Pullins.

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After receiving a ton of backlash for her unhinged tweets about a crying child on a plane, a lot of folks were wondering when the rapper would apologize. But, according to the artist, that’s never gonna happen.

When a fan asked Chika if she apologized to the mom and children, she replied, “why would i do that.”

The rapper continued: “It wouldn’t be sincere. i’m sorry you saw it. i’m not sorry for saying what i said cuz it wasn’t personal. it was venting about a scenario/stranger. idc like that. plus, shorty tried to insult me back so at THAT point, we even. she wasn’t even on the flight.”

“It was some nanny. but anyway, not talking about it anymore,” Chika wrote. “This internet shit ain’t real. hate me if you want to, but don’t be deluded enough to think i give a frosted mini-fuck about how you feel about me. you dk me tell your therapist or tweet it out like i did.”

When another fan asked why she felt the need to “triple down” on the subject, Chika insisted that it’s because she means what she says.

“Y’all swear y’all mean what y’all say and then be mad when people who *really* mean what they say don’t backtrack,” she replied. “Oh well.”

“Do i personally know the children? does them being children make it personal,” she went on to ask one fan. “I’m not understanding your stupid ass point.”

Chika also shared some text messages between her and her psychologist, who mentioned the crying babies in his reply to the rapper.

She also responded to the woman on the plane who alleged that Chika was musty, saying she showered 30 minutes before getting on the plane.

“Imagine commenting on the scent of someone you can’t afford to sit beside,” she began in another set of tweets.

She continued, “Btw, like i said on my story: shawty was tryna get her lick back cuz i called her and her children a plethora of names in jest. but b***h, i showered 30 min prior to boarding and my clothes were fresh out the dryer. you saw fat & thought, ‘lemme attribute a smell to her body.’”

“And that’s why it’s STILL f**k your kids,” Chika doubled down. “I complained (rudely) for a real reason. you and your busted ass nanny just chose to be trash & lie on the internet. again, choke.”

So, yeah, it looks like this is the hill Chika’s dying on.

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